All of our framing is handcrafted and made to order. Our signature Grain of Descent framing encompasses a box frame with single or double biscuit joinery detailing in the corners. A selection of recycled and new timbers are available in a range of dark to light colour tones. A select range of recycled timbers with extra natural imperfections, organic scarring and added Australian history are also available upon request. Our timber is hand sanded until smooth and varnished with a clear water-based protective coating. 

We float mount our artworks upon acid free foam core & matt board. And we only use archival framers tape & brown kikusui tape for optimum longevity.

Optionally you can just order the timber frames and install the artwork yourself or we can also do this for you. You may have noticed that we do not use glass or perspex when framing our oil paintings. This framing method enhances the vivid textures and colours found within our artworks, however, glass or high quality perspex can be added to our frames upon request when ordering. Please note: that all custom framing pricing will differ case by case depending on the job.

We can make ANY SIZE timber frame - from Small to Very Large Frames.


For more information please enquire about our custom framing & pricing via our online Enquiry form. We ask you to please describe in detail the job at hand so we can offer an accurate quote.