Handplanes are tons of fun, and allow you to body surf across the wave. Our Hand Planes are the most versatile board for everyday conditions from knee high to head high waves. Our handplanes feature a single concave bottom and comfortable leather strap. We also offer a cut out hand hole option. Our planes are lightweight, durable and the perfect travel companion when you don’t want to lug around your board. Keep one in your car and you will be prepared in any condition to hit the ocean.

Our handplanes are made from Paulownia timber and coated in an environmentally friendly Entropy’s Super Sap CLR Bio Resin.

This resin is a sustainable alternative to existing toxic epoxy resins.
We aim to help the environment in every way we can and with every 1 kg of standard epoxy replaced by Super Sap it saves 4kg of greenhouse gas equivalents and a 50% reduction in carbon footprint.