If you’re after something different under your feet, a wooden surfboard is your answer. A wooden board is a long term purchase, these boards don’t breakdown quickly and when treated well they can last you a lifetime. All our surfboards are handmade, individually by us and not mass produced. Roughly taking 2-3 months to finish, every board is a labour of love. As our boards are handmade with natural materials, no board is ever made the same and we embrace the natural variances, which make each board even more unique.

Made in Melbourne, we source our materials locally, make locally and have our surfboards glassed locally. We outsource our glassing to another Melbourne based company and glassing pricing can range depending on how you customise your board. The following factors will determine the price of glassing: length of the board, layers/thickness of glass, fin set up (glassed or boxed) and if you prefer a matt or gloss finish.

We provide worldwide shipping but before you buy - please enquire using our Enquiry form so we can give you an accurate shipping quote.