We had a vision of embracing and empowering our retired parents with all their incredible hidden talents and bringing them into the modern era.
— Hannah Nowlan, Published in Peppermint Magazine, Australia


Grain of Descent is a small family business based in Melbourne, Victoria. The formation of Grain of Descent was a natural evolution; as each of us are so passionate about utilising the skills and knowledge we have learnt from our descent in order to create and inspire. 

"Driven to utilise the skills of their talented parents, Artist, Hannah Nowlan and her brother, Architect, Michael Nowlan started Grain of Descent – a brand creating handcrafted lifestyle products inspired by Victoria's Surf Coast."

Our team consists of four family members, father, mother, daughter & son. Each member works together to create a variety of unique handcrafted and handmade goods. 

As a business we are influenced by an overriding consciousness to create simple, beautiful and functional objects.

Our products are immensely inspired by Victoria’s surf culture and Australia’s laid back approach to living. Utilising locally sourced and sustainable materials we aim to create meaningful and valuable products.

This is the way we live, this is the way we make.
We hope you can find as much joy in our products, as we have making them.