Artist: Hannah Nowlan

Series: Myths, Moons and Mountains

Materials: Oil on Linen Canvas, transparent primed raw linen

Dimensions: 930mm x 1222mm x 56mm

Era: Contemporary

Origin: Australia

Price: $2750 AUD

This October we introduce a new collection of original artworks by Hannah Nowlan. A series of ten large-scale works on Linen which will be on display exclusively for 1-week instore at Modern Times

This new collection pushes the limits of Hannah’s emerging artist practice resulting in the production of her largest works to date.

A boundless Australian landscape where texture and surface are intertwined. Rich dusty rocks counterbalance jaded emerald seas. The new large scale collection by Hannah Nowlan promises to draw together elegance with warmth and individuality.

Bold brush strokes and a rich, daring colour palette speaks to convey landscape both real and imaginative. Tales of archways and avenues, suns and moons. A mythical field for exploration into the Australian coastline.

Don't miss your opportunity to view this piece in Hannah's showing at Modern Times - 311 Smith Street, Fitzroy open from October 12th to October 19th 2017.

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