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Artist: Hannah Nowlan

Title: 'Day Breaks'

Series: Myths, Moons and Mountains

Materials: Oil on Linen Canvas, transparent primed raw linen

Framing: Framed in Tasmanian Blackwood by Grain of Descent with our signature double biscuit joinery

Dimensions: 330mm x 430mm x 56mm

Era: Contemporary

Origin: Australia

Year: 2017

Price: $620 AUD


This body of work by Hannah Nowlan is inspired by the boundless Australian landscape, where texture and surface are intertwined. Hannah creates a depiction of rich dusty rocks and jaded emerald seas, with sophisticated sensibility boasting her intimate knowledge of the coastline. Employing her signature bold brush strokes and a rich, daring colour palette to convey landscape both real and imagined. Tales of archways and avenues, suns and moons unite this collection’s narrative in a mythical exploration of the Australian coastline. 

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