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This artwork is exclusive to Saint Cloche, Gallery Sydney for the 2017 end of year group exhibition 'JETSET' from December 19 - January 21.

Artist: Hannah Nowlan

Series: JETSET

Materials: Oil on Linen Canvas, transparent primed raw linen

Dimensions: 330mm x 430mm x 56mm

Era: Contemporary

Origin: Australia

Price: $620 AUD


Saint Cloche hosts an exhibition Grande Finale, this year raising the bar sky high with their group show JETSET. 

The #jetsetgroupshow is inspired by the sophisticated, stylish and often scandalous lives of the JET SET - The first wave of souls to take advantage of the jet airliners that transformed the lives of the rich and famous in the 50’s and 60’s. 

Come along for the ride, I'll be exhibiting seven original works which draw from a mystical, space-age approach to the concept “from where I’d rather be” and exploring seductive landscapes of destination hot spots.

If you’re in Sydney, head to the opening night Next Tuesday December 19th from 6-8pm.

Hannah’s distinctive abstract style, bold brush strokes and daring colour palette will be in full force as this series explores the symbols of planets, planes, disc’s, wings, waves and other-worldly forms. Mythical narratives of endless seas and skies, suns and moons, curves and archways unite this exciting new body of work for Saint Cloche by Hannah Nowlan. 

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