A mixed array of hand built, pinched and coiled ceramics inspired by the natural colouring's of seaweed, sand, earth & water. Raku Stoneware, Terracotta and Stoneware/Porcelain ceramics are hand glazed in a range of stoneware glazes. Our collection includes food safe - plates, vessels, planter pots, mugs, dishes, condiment bowls, spoons & scoops to inspire and bring joy to your home and table.



Food Safe
Hand Wash Only

All our ceramics are made from stoneware clays which are an incredibly durable and hard wearing medium. 

- (1) Ceramic pieces may crack, chip, or break if handled or used improperly. 
- (2) Care must be taken to avoid dropping or hitting ceramics against hard surfaces, as breakages under these circumstances are hard to avoid. 
- (3) Glazed and unglazed pieces are best washed by hand in warm water and a gentle soap. 
- (4) Extreme fluctuations in temperature can be harmful to delicate pieces. 
- (5) Please avoid putting your ceramics under boiling hot water and then cool water in rapid succession, as this may cause cracking or splitting.