Alaia Surfboard (Blank)

Alaia Surfboard (Blank)


Our Traditional Alaia Surfboard's are 100% Handcrafted and Hand-Shaped in Melbourne. Each bespoke board is custom made and completely unique. 

This board features our minimal and classic style. Our blank Alaia's allow the natural grain of the paulownia timber to shine. Use this board as a feature piece within your home, it makes for a beautiful art object OR give it a go surfing it! 

  • Main: 100% Paulownia
  • Coating: Finished in environmentally friendly Lanolin Oil
  • Dimensions: 6.8" Foot (Length 2080mm x Width 410mm x Depth 15mm)
  • Shape: Squared Fish Tail
  • Ready to Surf

Our Alaia Surfboards are traditionally shaped boards reminiscent of the first surfboard ridden pre-20th century in Hawaii. Our Alaia’s have a minimal amount of concave through the tail and convex to the rails giving these boards a surprising amount of hold in the water.

Sustainability & The Environment:
Our surfboards are handcrafted individually with natural materials, sourced from suitably fast growing Paulownia timber. Each Alaia’s is coated in Lanolin oil, which is a naturally sourced product, derived from sheep’s wool. It is naturally biodegradable, as well as acid and salt resistant - which makes it a perfect alternative finish to any timber surf-craft. When Lanolin is applied directly to your timber surfboard, it provides a repellent coating that actually works to resist the sea water with its tacky finish. This means you don’t need to use wax, if you don’t want to. Lanolin is a non-flammable product and is much more user-friendly for you and the ocean environment! It is a Biodegradable product, Non-toxic and Non-carcinogenic meaning its healthy for you and the planet.

'No board is mass produced'
All our surfboards are handmade, individually one at a time by our family. No board is mass produced. Approximately each board takes 2-3 weeks to create and every board is a complete labour of love. Like our surfboards, every Alaia is custom made to order, allowing every board we make to be unique and embrace the natural variances in each piece of timber we use. Please follow the link to submit an enquiry to create your own customise made to order Alaia Surfboard today.

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Our materials are sourced locally. Made in Melbourne.

This surfboard is currently on display in Australia's most sustainable home by The Sociable Weaver. In collaboration with Clare Cousins Architects this 10star, carbon positive, zero waste, healthy home is situated amongst the Victorian coastal town of Cape Patterson. Visit this sustainable home / showroom in Cape Patterson to view this surfboard and many others in person or purchase this surfboard online via our website.

As seen on Better Homes and Gardens on Friday July 7th 2017